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We welcome customers from anywhere in the world.

iENK electronics store in China (iENK) electronics factory of an international online retail stores.

We offer from China's electronic components and electronic products.

Users to buy our electronic products, you need to know exactly the use and prices,usage.

Some electronic products, need to connect the 220V/110V. If the operation is not appropriate, may cause life-threatening.

So, you buy our products, you must first understand the proper use of related products.

Users must understand that, iENK electronics store product descriptions may be inaccurate. Or word spelling errors.

As the product description text spelling mistakes or other reasons, causing the user to cause any damage.

We just compensation for the price of the product itself.

iENK electronics store customers, ensure the registration information to be true and valid.

As iENK electronics store, we ensure that all products sold online is effective, real, quality is good. We ensure the normal shipping package until the goods reach the customer.

Customers should be objective, fair, our product feedback and comments. This can help those in need of our products to other customers, and help others solve the problem.

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