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How to Track My Shipment With Tracking Numbers?

Typically, customers will be in the order email or pages of messages to get shipping tracking code, Enter the tracking number in the corresponding shipping company website can track the items route status. And facilitate customers check shipping information.

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The following is the track the shipping status of Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can't I find the tracking information in the shipping company website?

When the customer to complete the payment orders, we will timely processing of all items packaged and submitted to the branch of the shipping companies in China. The shipping branch will be assigned a tracking number to each parcels.
Similarly, our customers will receive a tracking number by order e-mail or page message.

According to the agreement we reached with the shipping company, shipping branch will be responsible for solving the items export declaration and submit items to the shipping headquarters again to confirm and complete the delivery.
Sometimes,the shipping will be delayed due to the following:
1) The items were seized by customs.
2) The items containing batteries or other similar reasons.
3) The shipping company warehouse overstock items waiting in line to confirm.
4) The importing country's customs processing delays, and so on.

Different shipping route, countries and regions are usually have different times, approximately 3 to 7 days. Or more time.

Shipping tracking number knowledge.

Usually based on address information of customers in different countries, we will choose the quickest, safest and the best shipping company cooperation. As with all international shipping routes will be instability, stagnation, congestion or natural disasters, customs, Will also choose a different shipping method.

For example:

 RT123456789HK  EE123456789HK  EE147594048CN  RR123456789SG
 Hong Kong POST  Hong Kong POST(EMS)  China POST(EMS)  Singapore POST
 Track Link  Track Link  Track Link  Track Link

When you get a tracking number is as above. You can get shipping information, such as, time, process and other information.
Most tracking number, customers can be the country's postal service company get more information.

Please follow the link below to get more track link page.

More shiping-company-website-links

If customer has DHL or Fedex account, we welcome you select them. Typically save 60% of the shipping time. But the shipping cost may exceed the value of items to be dozens of times.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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