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iENK Two mSATA drive switching for Intel NUC + wireless remote contro

Two mSATA drive switching for Intel NUC + wireless remote contro
Dual operating system switching control board for mSATA disk.

Intel NUC PC board
Home PC board
Office/industry PC boar
Server PC board

DUSSD-8GB-RW Operation Conditions:
Operation Voltage Supply: 3.3V+-10%
Operation current: 10mA
Operation Temperature: -40 ~ 85 /C
High-speed signal switching for PCIe Gen3: 8 Gbit/s
High bandwidth: 10 GHz at -3dB
Low insertion loss: <1.3 dB at 4.0 GHz
Receiver Frequency Range: 300 MHz~460 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity: >-110 dBm
Receiver Wake-up Time: 1.5 ms
Receiver Bandwidth: 300 KHz
Receiver data saved: >30 year
ESD tolerance: 2000 V HBM / 1000 V CDM

Remote distance: less than 5 m ~ 0.1m
Model DUSSD-8GB-RW-3 can supports wake-up function

Some use and help, refer to download documents.
1) Manual
2) Application Reference Legend
3) How to use the remote control

Call us to get the RF Integrated components (IC).
Categories: Other Module
Model: DUSSD-8GB-RW-3
Retail price: $42.900
Shipping Weight: 120g
Manufactured by: iENK

This products date added: Tuesday 16 December, 2014 - Updated: Tuesday 06 January, 2015.

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