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Bom of DIP resistors

When plans to purchase a variety of resistor products, please download the BOM sample forms via online.
Usually, we only provide a common standard resistance.

If you have a special resistors requirements, please contact us in advance.
In addition, if necessary, please provide custom BOM document to us.

Currently, we offer the following series DIP resistance:

  • 1/16W Metal film resistors
  • 1/16W Carbon film resistors
  • 1/8W Carbon film resistors
  • 1/8W Metal film resistors
  • 1/4W Metal film resistors
  • 1/4W Carbon film resistors
  • 1/2W Metal film resistors
  • 1/2W Carbon film resistors
  • 1W Metal film resistors
  • 1W Carbon film resistors
  • 2W Metal film resistors
  • 2W Carbon film resistors

Download: Sample Bom of DIP resistors form

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