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First of all, please register through our online store.( )

Please keep registration information, contact address is real and valid.

We may be through paypal will be the feedback to verify the shipping address,If you are registered in a country name, state, city name are very different, we will cease trading.

Second, the registration is completed. Please select the site on the left of the catalog to find the items you will want to buy; the same time, you can through the website at the top of the search box enter the item keyword search for items.

To confirm the items into your shopping cart, Web site top right side will show. select items in the process, you can increase the amount of any delivery or reduce the number of items.

If you have any questions about certain items, please email or MSN message was to buy help.

Finally,please press the web site prompts to complete the item costs and shipping fees payment and receipt confirmation.

Buy channels Tip: You can e-mail contact with us for shopping. We can according to your item list (BOM) to add items to the ebay for payment transactions.


Q: I can not find which I needed.
A: Please e-mail to tell us, if you can please attach pictures, datasheet or Part NO.

Q: How to get Datasheets?
A:Please e-mail to tell us, we will promptly send the chips or modules of datasheets to your registration email.

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